Do You Think You Might be Dating a Scammer? Here Are The Best Red Flags to Find Out The Answer 

Wanting a loving partner is something everyone wants, right? Many people find it in their universities, and offices, while many use dating apps in the search for their soulmate. However, who knew that finding a partner in today’s world would be such a hard task due to the increasing amount of online scams out there? Nowadays, there are many scammers out there who are looking for the perfect opportunity to get hold of your money. These people do not even realize that they are playing with your feelings, all they want is money, that’s it! 

For those of you who still have no idea of what I’m referring to, let me explain. So basically romance scams or online dating scams happen when a person is tricked by a scammer into believing that they are in an amazing and loving relationship with someone they met online. In reality, the person they believe is their partner is actually a criminal and a cybercriminal who uses a fake identity in order to get money from you. 

They either do this by blackmailing you, making you believe that they are in trouble. At times they even say they want to borrow some money from you and will return as soon as possible but that never happens.

How to Tell If Someone Is a Scammer?

It is really hard to understand if someone is a scammer. This is because these scammers know your emotional points and they press them hard. However, there are a bunch of ways you can analyze if someone is a scammer or not. 

For instance, the scammer never meets you and always makes excuses. Some of them say that they were coming but couldn’t since they had to go to a family emergency and others make up other excuses. Moving on, these scammers move the relationship too fast as compared to normal relationships as they just want you to trust them quickly to get money from you. 

If you still can’t figure out if you’re dating a scammer or not, then you should reach out to the ‘Charge Backing.’ Telling from personal experience, the company is fully cooperative and once you get in touch with their customer representative, you will get all the help you need. The person will tell you different ways to understand if someone is a scammer or not and will guide you along the way. Moreover, if you feel like you were scammed once you send the money, the company is also going to help you with that. 

There is no need to worry at all as they will hear your care, file a complaint, and get your money back with the help of their legal team. It is going to be really tough for you emotionally to go through this but just take it as a lesson like I did and never trust anyone that easily ever again. You can never tell if someone has good intentions for you or not. 

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