Surprising Online Dating / Romance Scam Statistics in 2022

Recently, Romance scams have been circulating the internet and many people have suffered at the hands of scammers. Both men and women are vulnerable, but most specifically people on dating sites have become a target. This type of scam takes place when people are duped into believing that they are in a romantic online relationship only for the scammer to con them into getting money from them. 

There are different types of Romance Scams and scammers can use these to their advantage. 

The Different Types of Romance Scams

  • Inheritance Scams – Giving the victim some story about getting married in order to receive their inheritance and help pay to get the ball rolling. 
  • Fake Military Relationships – This is a common and frequent romance scam where the scammer presents to be overseas in the military and wants to build a relationship with someone who is back home. 
  • Code Verification Scams – Scammers will send fake links to the victim as links to dating websites and extract their personal information from there. 
  • Fake Dating Sites- These are created and used to get people to sign up, giving all their personal information, and only have scammers on the site. 
  • Photo scams – Luring victims with the reward of intimate photos of the scammer if they share their personal information with them. 
  • Intimate Activity Scams – This is when the scammer has gained the person’s trust and has convinced the person to share more information with them such as intimate photographs, videos, and other information to hold as leverage and threaten with if they do not get what they want from the victim. 
  • Malware Scams – Convincing the victim to download certain websites or install some apps in order to connect better.  

Online Dating Statistics In 2022

Online dating has increased over the years, especially with the rise of social media platforms and online dating sites. Many more people have adopted this method of using dating sites to find future partners. 

With these Online Dating Sites, people now have the advantage of choosing their dating preferences with ease such as gender, sexual orientation, and desired age groups. There are 1500 online dating sites worldwide. Among the top online dating sites are Tinder – 51% of paying customers, Bumble has 32%, Match has 31%, eharmony – 28%, and OkCupid is at 24%. With an increase in the usage of these sites and the risk of people getting scammed on them. A new online platform has emerged. has come on board and provides a service that helps people who are scammed get their money back. 

What is 

This online website gives victims of online scammers a platform to report the crimes committed against them. They then in turn gather all the information on the scammer and track them down on the sites providing proof of the crime and getting them to pay the money back. This service has helped so many people get back the money that they had lost. If you know of anyone that has been scammed online, the website to visit is

The process is simple, you visit the link above, and fill out a form which then gives you a free consultation. Upon consultation, you will provide the consultant with all the relevant information regarding your cases such as the details of the online dating site, the details of the person, the amount of money you lost, and screenshots of the conversation surrounding the money. They then review your case and get back to you on a way forward. Usually, after getting in touch with the scammer and before you know it, you’ll be reimbursed. Get your stolen assets back now, and always remeber to stay informed in order to assur yourself that you will never be scammed ever again! 

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