The Most Common Romance Scams in 2022 & The Stats To Back Them Up

The number of romance scams has increased over the years due to the increase in different dating websites, ads, a rise in technology, and so much more. Scammers have also learned new and innovative ways to scam people and make them trust them. 

Romance scams happen when people get tricked into believing that they are in a beautiful and romantic relationship with the person they met through the dating website. The scammers tell them how much they love them and make them trust the scammer. However, the person is actually a cybercriminal who uses a fake name and fake pictures to contact you. The scammer then tricks you and asks you for money.

The Most Common Romance Scams of 2022 Identified by Global Payback 

Here are some of the top romance scams of 2022: 

1- Fake dating websites

Dating websites claim to be safe and secure however that is not always the case. Sure, these websites do a thorough check when someone signs up but some scammers are extremely clever and get past that. These websites are filled with different scammers who just want money from you. They get all your information through these websites and then approach you either through the website or somewhere else. 

2- Photo Scams 

These scams are quite common on different social media channels. What happens is that a scammer convinces the victim to send personal information that in return they would send intimate photos. Once the scammer gets your personal information, you do not get any pictures and they disappear and block you. The next thing you know is that your cards get charged, etc. At times, they even ask for money and promise to send pictures to you. 

3- Military Romance Scams 

Military romance scams are the ones when the scammer acts as a military member who is deployed. They take their time, makeup stories of their time in the army, and use military titles so that you can completely trust them. Once you do, they hit the jackpot. They ask you for money related to military expenses such as flights to go back home, money for food due to shortage on borders, etc. 

Online Dating Stats You Should be Aware off

Dating scams are on the rise and do not seem to slow down anytime soon. Some of the online dating stats are: 

1- Half of the romance scams that were reported in 2019 were through social media channels, mostly Facebook, and Instagram. In the half of 2022, victims lost around $117 million. 

2- In 2020, people reported losing $304 in online dating scams, which was 9 times higher compared to 2015. 

3- On average, a single person lost about $2500 to an online scam in 2020.

Who to Reach Out To In The Event That You Get Scammed? 

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