Technologies in education: Positive and negative Attributes

Technology has impacted our lives and our surroundings massively, and this is no different for the world of education. Electronic devices influence the way we think and handle issues positively and negatively. Technologies have also led students to adopt various skills that open the door to innumerable shortcuts in completing tasks.
This has affected the quality of work dramatically, thus impacting academic writing skills. While students complain about receiving too many academic assignments, professors complain about how their approach to completing these assignments has hugely changed over the years. Students fall into the vicious circle of using modern education tools to make their college or university life easier.
There is a strong debate if technology is a boon or a bane for academic writing. Such debate will never lead to any specific conclusion. I think both positive and negative effects of technologies exist in the education sector. Take a look at them-

 Better research
There was a time when students used to rely on hardcover textbooks for researching their academic assignments. They often had to buy books when they cannot avail copies in college libraries for conducting extensive research. Thanks to technology, students no longer need to work with a huge pile of hardcover books to seek useful information.
Most books are available online to students. Students have the freedom to search for the exact information they are looking for in their assignments. They can also easily customise their research to find quality information and thus improve the quality of assignment writings.

 Enhances collaboration
Technology enhances students’ collaboration with their studies. Using various devices like tablets, PCs, and cell phones, students can connect to the World Wide Web and select a convenient messenger or writing tool. This is especially useful for children dealing with distant education and disabilities.
These technologies let education organisations partner with each other and bring professors from universities come together to teach students. All that is left for you is to create a reasonable schedule and start working with peers.
Here are some of the tools they can use:
• Evernote
• Notion
• Google Docs
• Edublogs

 Time-saving
Academic tasks come with a strict deadline that should not be neglected. Failing to meet the deadline can make students lose their precious grades. You no longer need to spend loads of time in the academic writing process. Academic tools and software can help you study, get more productive and even speed up anything you do.

 Boosts your grades
Grammar checkers, urban dictionaries, and topic generators let students craft better papers and thus secure high grades. In fact, they can now seek help from online assignment help services to boost your grades.

 Error-free results
Previously, students used to detect errors manually, something that can be overwhelming. However, even after a thorough search, several errors went unnoticed, and they scored low grades. Why let those pesky errors steal the thunder of your essay?
You can now avoid such situations with online proofreading tools like Grammarly and Hemingway app. Top-ranking students in every nook and corner of the world rely on these tools to submit error-free essay solutions.
 Plagiarism-free essays
Plagiarism is one of the biggest issues that students had to deal with before technology made things simpler. Although the challenge is prevalent today, we have significantly reduced the problem thanks to AI-driven tools.
There is no sure way to tell if a paper is plagiarised or not. But you can now use plagiarism tools like CopyScape to ensure the originality of the text.
 Better formatting and citation
Remembering every rule of a particular citation style can be nerve-wracking. An essay writing service can make the whole process simpler. There are also several citation tools also that help students follow the right citation style. You can save your money as most of these tools come free of cost. However, you can get access to more features with the paid version

 Not all information is verified and valid
Due to the easy access of internet resources, students nowadays rely on these resources blindly. They tend to forget not all information they find online are from valid resources. Therefore, depending on technology too much and trusting every piece of information can leave students misguided.

 Kills creativity
The success of academic writing majorly depends on the creativity and uniqueness of creative ideas. But due to the easy availability of everything with modern technology, students do not want to think and use their minds to contribute a unique idea to their study. Several assignment experts promise to deliver quality essay solutions in exchange for a certain sum of money.
 Biggest mode of distraction
The increase in modern technology leads students to spend more time playing games, texting messages, and watching movies instead of using it for learning purposes. Social media has proved to be a major distraction for students. 90% of students use social media to communicate with other people, share media and information with others, and for entertainment purposes. This diverts them from studying and learning.

 Disconnects students from real-world learning
Technology allows students to get any information they want within seconds without making much effort. This limits their chance to go outside, examine, observe, and learn from the practical examples. It can also badly affect their practical understanding of any concept they learn in the class. There is a big difference between learning from the theory in books and learning from practical examples and experiments.

 Leads students to cheap and copy-paste
Getting all information within a snap also has its negative side. The easy availability of information also encourages students to cheat often. Several students use this scope to copy-paste information from the internet into their quizzes, assignments and exam papers. This leads to very serious concerns in terms of students’ learning growth.

 Affects the health of students
Modern technologies leave some serious physical and mental effects on students. Students get so addicted to modern technology that they avoid going outside and spend more time indoors. It badly affects their social skills as the norm of playing and communicating with others has stopped.


Technology has made life simpler, but not without a fair share of adverse impacts. In the current scenario, it has indeed become an important part of the education world, and there is no way to avoid them.
So, it is our responsibility how students access technology with certain limitations. This is the only way you can avoid the bad effects of technology. In the end, it all depends on how we choose to use technology.

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