EPDM Roofing Features and Advantages

Ethylene propylene diene monomer, or EDPM, is a common commercial roofing material. This single ply membrane, also known as rubber roofing, has been used in low slope applications for decades, effectively protecting residential and commercial structures.

Why is EDPM so popular, and why should you use it on your roof? Organix Building System LLC single play roof repair experts share six of the best reasons:

1. Reasonably priced

When compared to other commercial roof waterproofing such as TPO, PVC, and metal, the average EPDM roofing cost is lower. It’s also inexpensive to install because it’s a single-ply membrane. Furthermore, replacing it will not be prohibitively expensive.

2. Simple to Maintain

In comparison to other roofing materials, EPDM roofs require little maintenance. Install it and then ignore it. However, scheduling a regular maintenance regimen can help to extend its life.

3. long-lasting

EPDM roofs have a 20-year lifespan if properly installed. When properly cared for and maintained, its UV resistance allows it to last even longer — up to 50 years.

4. Tenacious

EPDM is a very resilient rubber membrane. It is strong enough to withstand temperatures caused by extreme weather conditions while remaining flexible enough to bend around gutters, pipes, and skylights. It is temperature resistant from -58° to 302°.

5. Energy-Saving

EPDM roofs help lower your cooling costs in two ways: it keeps the interiors of your building cool by reflecting heat, and it allows heat and vapour to escape from inside the building because it is breathable.

EPDM also serves as an insulator, keeping your building warm in cold weather. While it is breathable, it is not permeable enough to allow moisture to enter, lowering your heating costs.

Environmentally Friendly

When your EPDM roof has served its purpose, it can be recycled into new roofing material. When an EPDM membrane is removed from a roof, you can be confident that very little, if any, of it ends up in a landfill. Organix Building System LLC is here to assist you with your new roof waterproofing plans.

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