Girls education  

Girls require time for schooling. Without educating the nation’s women, we will never be able to develop. Women have an essential part in the advancement of the country in many fields. Women must be educated in order for democracy to succeed. They’re the building blocks of a beautiful family.

When we teach a man, we are merely training one individual; however, when we educate a woman, we are educating the entire family. It emphasises the value of female education. It is correct that a mother is her kid’s 1st teacher, and the child receives his/her first teaching on their mother’s lap. So, if a woman is properly- educated, she can have a significant impact on her child’s destiny.

Educated women vs illiterate women

When we examine it, we can see that an intelligent woman supports not only her home but also her nation. She can work as a teacher, a doctor, a physician, an accountant, a military officer, a police officer, a journalist, a sportsperson or an app developer to devise plans on how to create an online course during the pandemic times. It is a proven truth that womens have attained greater achievement in much less time than mens.

By dividing a job or giving her opinions about occupations, an educated wife might lighten her partner’s load. A well-educated housewife may teach her children and instil in them ethical values and principles. She can also assist kids in distinguishing between good and evil things.

In our culture, girls are gaining rights and rewards, and our community is struggling to achieve this. In each and every field, girls have the potential to lead their country. Education of womens is a huge asset in these times of economic hardship. In today’s world, it’s quite tough to meet the needs of a middle-class family. If an educated woman earns after marrying, she can assist her husband in meeting the financial needs of her family. If a woman’s spouse dies, she can continue working and make money. Education enables one girl to become financially secure, allowing her to recognise the potential rights and empowering women and thus contributing to the battle against gender inequality.

Factors that contribute to poor educational attainment of girls

There are a variety of variables that contribute to women’s lack of education in society.


In many places of India, schools are located distant from villages. The journey to the school will take about 4-5 hrs. The parents/ guardians are afraid to send their children to school, citing safety and other security issues. The usage of educational apps who know how to sell online courses can be fostered in such situations, as they can offer best quality of education at the comfort of your home. 

2. Uncertainty

Schoolgirls are occasionally subjected to various sorts of violence. They are assaulted by school staff, including instructors, classmates, and administrators. As a result, the girls’ parents believe that their daughters will not be secure in that environment, and they choose not to send them to school.

3. Negative actions

People believe that a girl’s first role in life is to prepare food, keep the home clean, and learn household tasks. More important than his schooling is his assistance to family tasks.

4. Getting married at young age

There are still examples of child marriage in Indian society. A girl is typically compelled to marry at a very young age and is frequently withdrawn from school. They conceive at a young age and give birth to children at an early age as a result of child marriages, and they devote all of their time to their children, leaving them with no time to study. This is another important reason why girls are discouraged from learning.

This is the primary element that prevents children from studying and working to make income at a young age. Parents put a lot of pressure on females to work at an earlier age with low socioeconomic status, and as a result, girls are discouraged from continuing their education.

5.Religious Aspects

India is a large country with many different religions. Some religious professors have also denied the girls a chance to gain education. That’s against their religion, they claim.


Women should be provided the same educational possibilities as males and must not be denied any growth prospects. A good awareness programme is critical for the value and advancement of girls’ education at all levels, particularly in rural areas. A well-informed woman may enlighten her entire family as well as the rest of the world.

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