Giving Constructive Feedback to the Students

Students work hard and put their efforts into learning and education. Usually when students give their hundred percent in their education then usually, they expect to get good marks and tutors also expect the same from them. Today learning methods and teaching methods have all changed completely due to the induction of online learning. Earlier students were interested only in those learning materials which were given by the tutors but nowadays students perform their own research work. For example, earlier students were not aware of even ERP full form but nowadays so many resources are available that students can search for all the details including ERP full form. But apart from all these facilities students need to get some feedback from tutors because as feedback tutors give their overall measurement about the student’s performance the whole week, month or year. This feedback is a very essential part of teaching and learning because it is the tutor’s duty to inform the student about their performance and result of their efforts, they made the whole year and in the same way it is right of the students to know the results of their hard work. Positivity and negativity of the feedback depends upon how the student takes it. 

Now whether the tutor gives a positive feedback or negative feedback it should be specifically descriptive about the student’s performance. Students really don’t understand the meaning of the comments including feedback, what they understand is the tutor’s specific and elucidating suggestion about any mistake he or she makes continuously. Tutors should give feedback to their students very carefully without breaking their morale. Feedback given by the tutors should contain constructive suggestions which can mend the wrong practices of learning students usually do and could not get good marks in the exams and performance in the class. According to learning management system of any educational institution tutor needs to discuss the feedback with the students in the class in such a way that it could not hurt the ego of the students like praising them first for their efforts and then tell them that if they may improve this and this part of their efforts in studies then they can do much better than before. Learning management system says that feedback is needed to be discussed with students in time, timely discussion of feedback with students is very necessary because if it is delayed then it doesn’t mean anything to the students. Therefore, it is necessary that tutors should give the feedback to the students just after the results are announced after exams so that they can elucidate the students where they are making mistakes and what is blocking their progress. 

Feedback is that opportunity which reminds the students their duties regarding their academic goals and benchmarks set by them. After all, the main goal of studying is not earning good grades and position in the class only but to attain mastery in multiple skill sets which can help the students in their academic performance and future professional life ahead. But there are few important things which tutors needs to keep in concern while sharing any feedback with any student doesn’t matter in the class or in private, and that is tutor should never ever focus on student only while giving the feedback instead they should focus on the performance and weakness in the performance in order to improve them. It is so because when the tutor focuses on students only then they skip into arrogance instead of learning something from their feedback. tutors should never give students vague feedback instead they should be very clear about what they are saying in the name of feedback. Instead of insulting the students in front of the whole class tutors need to pinpoint those tracks where they get offline of their track of learning and studying and should run along with the students to correct those mistakes so that students should not make those mistakes in future and their academic performance can be improved. Also tutors keep this in concern that they should not give too much details regarding the feedback of the students because due to this instead of getting improvement students will be confused and won’t be able to differentiate and improve themselves.

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