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If you are an avid cricket fan, you may want to sign up for Cricbuzz. t also collects revenue from advertisements and other promotions. Users can also opt to receive news and updates from Cricbuzz via mobile phone or email. Its user base numbers around 3 billion. It has 4.3 ratings on Google Play Store.

Cricbuzz is an Indian cricket news platform is an Indian cricket news and information platform with a global audience. The Cricbuzz website received over 60 million visits in 2014 and garnered 3 billion page views in 2015. According to the latest report from Nielsen, Cricbuzz received 76 million visits in March alone, accounting for 36% of all cricket site visits. The site has over two million subscribers, more than 500 million page views, and eleven thousand videos.

This cricket website was one of the most popular cricket sites during the 2015 World Cup, receiving over 1 billion hits and becoming a must-visit for cricket enthusiasts. The campaign used social media influencers to increase viewership and engagement on the site. A recent example is a rap recording to promote the upcoming IPL 2020. The Cricbuzz rap is an example of the company’s creative use of social media to reach a wider audience.

It offers live commentary

You can watch live cricket commentary on Cricbuzz, the online streaming service. You can also comment on any match, including featured matches. Click on the “Have your say” button, which is located below the scorecard and above the live commentary section. To leave a comment, you must type no more than 300 words and hit the “Submit” button to confirm that you’re not a robot. A live commentator may select it to add to the commentary.

As a cricket fan, this website can be invaluable. Besides live commentary, CricBuzz offers ball-by-ball text commentary, so you can see what’s happening at any time. You can also listen to the live commentary in your chosen language, as well as receive push notifications about the results and form of players. If you’re not a fan of live commentary, you can read exclusive editorials and news about top players, teams, and matches from Cricbuzz, making it the ultimate source for cricket fans in the mobile world.

It offers scores

The cricket news and information portal CricBuzz also offers various mobile apps. These applications offer live cricket scores, team and player rankings, and articles related to the sport. Users can also receive news and information on the latest cricket events and trends. For cricket fans, CricBuzz is an excellent choice for live cricket score updates. The site’s website is easy to navigate and offers a variety of features. The site has a large number of mobile apps, including an app for the Android and iOS platforms.

The Cricbuzz score website was acquired by GoCricket in January 2015. After this acquisition, its live portal redirected visitors to the new site. As of January 2015, Cricbuzz had 50 million unique visitors worldwide. The website’s live scores page generated more than 2.6 billion page views in one month.

It earns from Adsense and Admob

Using advertisements, Cricbuzz generates its revenue. Currently, it has been downloaded over 100 million times and gets hundreds of thousands of hits daily. In addition to displaying advertisements, Cricbuzz also accepts direct advertisements from companies and gets paid for each click. Its business model revolves around ads and creating value for its users. The site also has a relationship with different mobile operators to display messages for cricket scores.

The best part about AdSense is that it reaches the entire world and offers high-quality ads. AdMob showcases banner and display ads on a CPC basis and offers cross-platform monetization. Publishers can customize their text ad units to increase click rates. Moreover, AdSense supports various payment methods, including PayPal and ACH. With these two revenue-generating services, Cricbuzz is one step closer to monetizing cricket.

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