7 best inflatable bumper balls (2022 Reviews)

Have you ever observed games played with players encased partially in a torus bubble that protects their upper and lower bodies and heads?

The giant plastic orb is called a “bubble” ball or bumper ball.

These massive inflatable bubbles allow players to bounce, roll and flip without the risk of injury.

They also come with an adjustable, padded harness that provides a secure fitting for any body shape and size.

When wearing a bubble ball, it allows the user’s legs to be free to move around without restriction while their hands are confined inside the bubble.

It means that players must maintain their balance with only their legs, enhancing the excitement of wearing a ball.

When wearing this big plastic bubble, people can play various games. This includes climbing the hill, playing relay races, and playing human dodgems.

Banzai Bump N’ Bounce Body Bumpers

If you’re in the market for human hamster ball, but your children are either too young or small for the standard versions, we’ve got an alternative for you. Banzai creates these bumpers they suggest for kids between 4 and 12.

These aren’t the round form of typical bumpers, nor do you protected. The child-friendly version from Banzai is more of an inflatable square-ended bumper with air tubes attached with a ring on its outside. This bumper covers your body, exposing your legs, arms, and head.

Sunshine Bubble Balls

The two-pack of Sunshine offers red bumpers. However, there are many colors to pick from. These can be played by an adult as well as a child.

Shaofu Inflatable Bumper Ball 1.2m/1.5m (4 ft/5 ft)

The bumpers are made from heavy PVC as opposed to other alternatives. This means Sunshine bumpers are less likely to be punctured when someone falls on something sharp.

If you’re playing on a soft surface, like is recommended for bumper balls in general, it shouldn’t cause any problems.

However, it is not utilized by adults.

Gary bank Bubble Soccer Ball

This ball is more significant, five feet in diameter. Its larger inner chamber allows it to be used by adults. If the 0.8 millimeter PVC does tear or split, you’ll be able to utilize the repair material included to fill in the gap and get more hours of enjoyment from your purchase. 

Popsport Inflatable Bumper Ball

The eco-friendly and inflatable Zorb ball is constructed from 0.8mm PVC. It is 48 inches in diameter. The rugged and odorless plastic ball is constructed with an air-tight safety system that has three ways to ensure air safety. 

These fun 2 Pack Bumper Balls

It’s time to have an exciting collision game with your best friend using Thee fun Two Pack human hamster ball. They can be an excellent accessory to many events like barbecues, birthdays, beach parties, picnics, and more. They can be added to your family celebrations because all ages can use them.

SanXingRui Inflatable Bubble Ball

The bubble balls are available as two pieces. These balls for soccer that can be worn are constructed of a robust and puncture-resistant PVC material. The 110cm diameter makes it suitable for adults and children. A modern air pump can fill these balls within just a few minutes. But, the equipment is perfect for a variety of outdoor events.


Be safe..!! The top human hamster ball inflatable ball will bring you joy without risking any injury. Therefore, picking the ideal inflatable bumper ball for your needs is crucial. To make it easier, we’ve provided the top inflatable bumper models with features to help you make the best decision.

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