LIU Coronavirus Update

coronavirus update

This week’s University Coronavirus Update provides information about the virus and how you can stay safe while on campus. You can learn about the Omicron and Delta variants, and how over-vaccination can cause the virus to mutate faster. Additionally, you can find out whether your LIU community has been affected by the virus. And more! Check out the information below! We hope this article helps you stay safe while at LIU.

Delta variant causes less severe infections

The Coronavirus Delta variant is the more lethal version of the virus, and it was first discovered in India in December 2020. The virus spread in a matter of months and is now widespread in all 50 states and 85 other countries. Scientists are trying to understand how it has been able to increase its ability to attach itself to human airways, making it less lethal. But how exactly can this virus be better adapted to the human airways?

Scientists have speculated that the new mutations in the virus can help us understand the current epidemic. Although the Delta variant causes fewer infections, it is still considered a future “variant of concern.” However, this new mutation, named omicron, is not a descendant of the Delta strain. Instead, it comes from a different part of the virus’s tree. As of this writing, there have been only 22 cases of Omicron confirmed in England through genotyping and sequencing.

Over-vaccination causes faster mutation of the coronavirus

Over-vaccination may accelerate the emergence of new variants of the coronavirus. It is not yet known whether the mutation will affect the vaccines. But the mutation will probably change the viral signature, which makes it more likely to pass from person to person. Experts are concerned that the number of new cases will increase. This new strain is called Epsilon, which was first discovered in California in December. The mutation increases the infectious capacity of the virus, making it much more spreadable than its original strains.

Vaccination is not a sure way to prevent illness, however. When a virus enters the human body, it hijacks the cells and turns them into factories. The virus makes thousands of copies of itself. As it multiplies, it also makes mistakes in the copies, which scientists call mutations. Eventually, these mistakes add up and result in a new strain of the virus. Scientists have found that the Delta variant outpaces its rivals in terms of reproducing faster and more in numbers, making it more contagious.

LIU community tested positive for COVID-19

The LIU Post in Brookville, New York, has confirmed that 14 students have tested positive for COVID-19, a disease caused by the coronavirus. A letter sent to parents on Friday, July 7, warned of the outbreak, noting that there had been 14 cases of strep throat and that all four were linked to off-campus activities. Students will now have to re-enter documentation of the COVID-19 vaccination in the COVID-19 Vaccination Portal for the spring 2022 semester.

The COVID test kits will be distributed to residents of the Town of Beverly on December 17th. The Town will continue to distribute the free kits until they are used up. If you missed it, there are still test kits available at Town Hall during business hours. Additional events will be held as needed. If the number of people requesting the COVID test kit increases, additional events will be held to provide more for the community.

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