xResolver – A Database Service

xResolver is referred to as a database service that logs the Gamertags and IP addresses of that gaming on the web on Xbox, PlayStation, and computer. An IP address is a snippet of data that is accessible freely and this makes the training legitimate. While the help professes to be legitimate, it tends to be a difficult issue for the individuals who play internet games a great deal.

Assume you’re playing quite well and wind up irritating an opponent from the rival group. If that player ends up having essential hacking information, they can snatch your IP address from a program like xResolver or Xbox Resolver and subject your whole organization to DdoS attacks.

How Does Your Information End Up On The Database?

A user’s IP address should be unveiled for them to interface with the Internet. That is how the web is fabricated. Hackers exploit this by using tools like OctoSniff to scratch IP information from players while they game. The program then unscrambles user data while the gamer is playing in a online meeting, consequently giving a log of which specific Gamertag has a place with which IP address. Also, this information then, at that point, gets added to stages like the one we’re examining today, permitting hackers to target specific players.

Best xResolver Alternatives.

Following mentioned are a few alternatives that you ought to know about. Remember that using these apparatuses isn’t viewed as a moral practice. If you should use any of them, simply ensure you have a valid justification for it, for example, booting a harmful player or miscreant off the server.

Xbox Booter

This Xbox IP grabber has explicitly been made to boot individuals off your gaming meetings. It allows you to sniff and pull IP addresses while getting too strong layer 4 and layer 7 attacks to boot individuals disconnected. Xbox Booter is a straightforward instrument that offers nitty gritty instructional exercises for all that you’d believe should do with such a program.


OctoSniff (collaborated with xResolver) has practical experience in sifting through bundles and decoding usernames in them. It can distinguish bundles naturally with regards to Xbox Party Chat. Also, it professes to be the main device in the market offering a username AI highlight for Sony’s PlayStation 4 cOctoSni This implies it can get which user possesses which bundle and partner the IP with a username. Utilizing this program, you can make your own Xbox channels or use presets to recover bundles from explicit games. Many see OctoSniff as a complete device for enhancing their game association and expanding their successes.

PS4 Booter

Very much like Xbox Booter is an Xbox IP grabber, PS4 Booter is intended to allow you to kick individuals disconnected while messing around on the PS4 console. This is finished by sending a disavowal of administration attack to their public IP address. The webpage likewise prompts you that if you play online a ton, to save yourself from getting booted disconnected, using a decent quality VPN is a decent decision.

Lanc Remastered PCPS

This is a free device that offers many highlights in the space of IP pulling and settling. What’s more, it has its own data set also. You should simply introduce this open-source IP puller on your computer and you’ll have the option to sniff, catch, and pull Ips from Xbox Live and PSN gaming meetings. It even allows you to determine Gamertags to IPS. The most outstanding aspect of Lanc Remastered PCPS is that it’s unbelievably simple to set up and use. What’s more, on the off chance that you’re new to this, there are nitty gritty aides accessible on its site for kicking you off.

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