Lauren Bernett, a Student-Athlete Who Suffered a Heart Attack

The recent passing of a former student-athlete, Lauren Bernett, has brought to light a number of issues that many students face, from unrealistic expectations to stress. In this article, we take a look at a few of the issues that may have caused her death.

Lauren Burnett

Lauren Burnett, a young student-athlete who passed away from a heart attack, was known for her athletic talents. She played travel basketball and was on the Dean’s List her junior year. Her dedication to sports allowed her college to participate in the College World Championships. In addition to playing basketball, she also took part in volunteer work. She enjoyed spending time with her family and helping with youth softball camps. She also loved country music and snowboarded in the winter. Lauren’s grandmother taught her to sew and she made quilts for her family and pillow cases for children through the Martha Washington Quilters Guild. Her grandfather, George A. Burnett, was also a professional photographer and was paid to do print work and extrava for films.

While the cause of Lauren Burnett’s death remains under investigation, it appears that she died of a heart attack. Her sudden passing has left many people wondering what really happened. Although the President of the United States stated that it may be a suicide, forensic experts have not released any information about the death. It is likely that the family will not disclose the cause of death until after the family and friends have had time to grieve.

Pandemic caused her death

The sudden death of Lauren Bernett, a student-athlete from James Madison University, has left many in shock. The young athlete was a rising star on the athletic field and a Dean’s List student. She also happened to be a lesbian. The cause of her death has not been publicly confirmed, and her family is waiting for a full medical report.

While most news reports state that she died of a heart attack, other sources claim that a pandemic caused her death. The college that she attended said that 91% of its student body was fully vaccinated as of September 2020. The school also required all students to wear masks and undergo weekly testing.

The Stanford University soccer player’s parents have claimed that the pressure from the school was a factor in her death. Her parents said they believed she was afraid of disciplinary action. In fact, the university had just suspended Sarah Shulze after she was found guilty of cheating.

Unrealistic expectations

The NCAA is not doing enough to support athletes. In the past year, three female athletes have died on the field, including Stanford soccer player Katie Meyer, who committed suicide in early March. Meyer’s parents said the fear of disciplinary action contributed to her death. Similarly, Lauren Bernett’s death came less than two weeks after the NCAA suspended fellow student-athlete Sarah Shulze.

The softball player Lauren Bernett, a 20-year-old student-athlete at James Madison University, recently committed suicide. She was a popular player and a brand ambassador for the athletic department. Her death has left a void in the softball community. The student-athlete, who was a sophomore, had been a valuable member of the Dukes’ softball team last season. She had recently won the Colonial Athletic Association Player of the Week award.

Because of the high expectations for student-athletes, she had been suffering from panic attacks for two weeks before her on-field attack. She never told her parents about her mental health issues before the panic attack. Although she had a 4.0 GPA, she had never expected her heart attack to occur in a place where she felt safe. This situation highlights the problems facing student-athletes who struggle with unreal expectations and stress both inside and outside the sport.


Student-athlete Lauren Bernett was a member of the Dean’s List at James Madison University before she suffered a heart attack. She had also been named to the C.A.A. Commissioner’s Academic Honor Roll and earned a spot on the baseball team. Despite the tragic news, she continued her academic success, earning a spot on the Dean’s List.

The death of Lauren Bernett, a student-athlete from James Madison University, has left a cloud over the softball community. The 20-year-old was a star player for the Dukes and was widely considered a brand ambassador for the athletic department. She also had just finished earning her bachelor’s degree from the university.

In the wake of Laurent’s death, the NCAA and other athletic institutions should consider how to prevent similar tragedies. Some schools are implementing mental health experts and supportive staff, but not all of them are adequately helping student-athletes cope with the stress of the world of competitive sports. Athletes are often asked to do a lot at a young age and are under enormous pressure to perform in front of a captive audience. The NCAA needs to step in and make sure student-athletes have the proper support they need to be successful.

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