Top 10 Gas Stations Along My Route That I Always Stop At

There’s nothing quite like a good road trip. The open highway, the miles and miles of nothing but white asphalt in front of you—it’s a feeling that can never be matched. And while some people might opt for a more extended trip to see more of the country, there’s nothing wrong with hitting up your favourite gas stations along the way. ‘It’s always a good idea to have a few of these stops pre-planned so you can get your fill on everything from fuel to snacks. So without further ado, here are my top 10 gas stations along my route that I always stop at 1. Texaco/QuikTrip – This station is located just outside Dallas, Texas and is always bustling with activity. Not only does it have a wide variety of fuels and snacks, but they also have a great selection of car accessories. 2. Cumberland Farms – This chain is known for its gourmet foods, and its gas stations are no exception. Not only do they have an impressive array of food options, but they also have some of the best snacks around. From cupcakes to Oreos, this station has it


One of the things I love doing when I’m on my long driving routes is stopping at gas stations. I always like to find the ones with the best deals, and there are a few that I always stop at. One of these stations is Mobil.

Mobil is one of the most popular gas stations in America, and for a good reason. They have great prices, and their customer service is top-notch. Plus, they have a lot of convenient amenities like free Wi-Fi and 24/7 pumps.

If you’re ever on a road trip and need some fuel, stop by Mobil!


QuikTrip is a convenient gas station chain with locations across the United States. They offer various fuels, including diesel, gasoline, and premium gas. Plus, they always have snacks and drinks available for purchase.

I always stop at QuikTrip on my way to or from work. Their prices are always reasonable, and their selection of fuels is excellent. Plus, their snacks and drinks are always top-notch. I highly recommend QuikTrip to anyone looking for a reliable gas station chain.”


Citgo is a Houston-based company that provides fuel to drivers in the southeast United States. I always stop at Citgo when I’m on my way to or from work because their prices are very reasonable, and their selection of fuels is excellent. They have options for gasoline, diesel, and Premium Ethanol. Their locations are convenient for me, and their staff is always friendly and willing to help.


Sunoco is a popular gas station chain in the United States. They offer various fuels, including gasoline, diesel, and hybrid. I always stop at Sunoco when I’m on my route because they have great prices and always have what I need. Their customer service is also excellent.


Generally, I avoid using gas stations near my house. However, there are a few that I always stop at on my route. One of these is Hess.

Hess is a great station to stop at if you’re looking for regular gasoline and diesel fuel. They have a great selection of both powers, as well as a variety of other products. Plus, their prices are always fair.

If you’re in the area and need quick fuel, Hess is worth checking out.

Murphy USA

Murphy USA is a regional gas station chain found primarily in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States. The company has over 240 locations across 26 states. I always stop at a Murphy on my way to or from work. Here are my top Murphy stations that I always visit:

1. Murphy USA, Route 9 in Haverhill, MA

This Murphy is located just off Route 9 in Haverhill, MA. It’s easy to find, and they have a great selection of fuel options. They also have a nice little convenience store inside the station if you need anything else. This is one of my favourite Murphy stations!


I always find it hard to resist stopping at a gas station whenever I’m going somewhere. Nothing is more satisfying than filling your car with fuel and heading out on your journey. Plus, having access to a variety of snacks and drinks means that you are never left going without anything. Here are the top 10 gas stations along my route that I always stop at:

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